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Daily multivitamin cuts men’s cancer risk by 8 percent, large study finds

Click on the image below to be directed to the online article. Dr. Dean Rising, 72, of Springfield, Mo., took daily pills for 30 years as part of his participation in two phases of the Physicians’ Health Study, which has […] 

Spice Up Your Diet and Do Your Body Good

Though spices and herbs are often spoken of as one-in-the-same, they’re not. Spices are aromatic seasonings from the bark, buds, roots, seeds, berries or fruit of various plants and trees. Common spices include cinnamon, which comes from bark; cloves from […] 

Figuring Your Energy Needs

Figuring Your Energy Needs Brought to you by GeneWize Life Sciences How much energy (calories) does your body need per day? Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too. The energy you expend regulates how much energy you […] 

Keep It Moving. Keep It Healthy

Keep It Moving. Keep It Healthy By GeneWize Fitness Pro & Motivational Coach, Jennifer Elrod When it comes to implementing physical activity into your life, the choice is yours and yours alone. There is nobody that can do this for […] 

The DNA Revolution!

GeneWize:  achieving the best health possible! Revolutionary New Scientific Approach Millions of people use dietary supplements and skincare products to help protect their health and to look and feel younger. Research shows most of us are simply guessing and choosing […]