Advertising and Compliance

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Advertising and Compliance Guidelines

Below is a review of our Advertising and Compliance Program. Compliance is defined by Webster as ‘being in accordance with’ a set of clear guidelines, laws or regulations. At foru international, we see this as an opportunity to collaborate with our Brand Partners for the creation of new, effective sales and marketing materials that support our brand, while remaining in accordance with our Advertising and Compliance Guidelines, Policies & Procedures, and local, state and federal laws and regulations.

We’re fully committed to helping you protect your business and the quality of the foru international brand. To do that, we need your help and cooperation. Here is a quick outline of some of the brand standards and compliance initiatives going forward:

1. Strong IP protection. foru international has retained a knowledgeable legal team specializing in Intellectual Property protection. Our legal team is working to establish strong IP protection, and will protect your brand from those who would seek to abuse it, misappropriate it, or attempt to dilute it.

2. Strong Domain and Digital Marketing protection. In addition to filing for the appropriate patents, trademarks and copyrights, we are also implementing a vigorous domain name / social media name defense and Digital Reputation Management program.

3. Consistent, fair and proactive compliance monitoring and enforcement. Marketing to consumers on-line and off-line is a regulated activity. To maintain a healthy, compliant business we must all work together to make sure no brand partner or preferred customer inadvertently violates federal, state or international regulations which could harm the business of any brand partner.

Going forward, here is what you should prepare for:

1. Log in to your back office and complete the online compliance classes provided free by foru international. These are required to keep you certified as a good marketer, and starting in February, any Brand Partner who does not complete this program within 60 days of starting foru international will have their commissions suspended until they are compliant.

2. Submit any materials you are currently using or planning to use for Compliance Review.  All marketing materials – such as tools, systems, programs, advertisements, promotions, videos, social media apps or technologies not provided by foru international require review and approval prior to any use.  Failure to comply with this policy will result in termination of your Brand Partner Agreement.

3. Our new Advertising and Compliance Program and Guidelines went into effect on January 1, 2013, as we announced 3rd and 4th quarter of last year. We are providing one last 30 day “grace period” to remove any non-compliant websites and marketing materials, including videos, emails, web pages, blogs or other listing.  During this time, you may request review of promotions for events, and update all other tools you may have generated for your foru business.  Failure to do so will result in a warning and compliance violation in your file.  After February 14th, any use of non-approved materials will result in termination of your brand partner agreement.  Please take this seriously.

4. The Advertising and Compliance Guidelines are contained within the same PDF as the Compliance Review Request, and can be found online at This document is in both English and Spanish.  Spanish materials must be submitted with an English translation at time of approval request.

5. During a  Compliance Review, we will:

    1. Acknowledge receipt of your  review request with 2 business days
    2. Provide feedback within 3-5 business days for any non-compliant items with suggestions for correction.  (Please note, we will not write copy for you, but will suggest when time permits options for compliance purposes)
    3. Allows for multiple resubmission of documentation as revisions until approved
    4. Provide a final approval document number once approved, which must be placed on each ad or marketing material prior to use, as specified in the Compliance Guidelines.

6. After the 30 day grace period, the use of any unapproved materials, web sites, promotions, logos, product claims, etc., found by Compliance to be in violation of the Advertising and Compliance Guidelines will result in immediate termination of your Brand Partner account.  There is no appeal process.  There is no reason to use materials without getting them checked. Don’t ever assume your ad is compliant.  Always get an approval!

While this may seem a little overwhelming at first, it’s actually pretty simple:

  • Take a compliance class to become a “certified” marketer
  • Market freely with the tools we provide you. They are already pre-approved and designed to be extremely effective.


  • If you prefer to do something on your own, read our Advertising and Compliance Guidelines, start your materials and submit them to the Compliance Review process.

We’ll be posting more soon. For now, please take a moment to identify all the marketing materials you may now be using, or those you may have forgotten you even have, so you can become compliant. Even if you had prior written approval for foru-related marketing materials, that approval ended January 1st.

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